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Your personal assistant in computer
problem solving
Having problems with a
You've already made a first step to resolve your problems!
All you need now is Lettuce help! Lettuce help is a new type of service, where people from all over the world can get a free consultation on their computer issues and a solution to them for a reasonable price
What you get with us?
Free consultation
You will have a chance to learn about us and out solutions before you pay
No further upsell
We'll never contact you again if you don't need our services
Personal technician
All our people are experts
Total privacy protection
We work without a database, so you can be sure there will be no data leaks
Why US?
It's not you who should ask for help - we ask you to Lettuce help!
Need professional help?
Lettucehelp is always here. Please, feel free to write us a message with any computer issues!